Building Innovation On Collaboration – The Innovation Sweet Spot

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About the workshop:

Preparing your organisation for innovation by supercharging collaborative behaviours.
For truly sustainable innovation, the first step in any Innovation Master Plan is your collaboration strategy. Ideation, the creation and collection of ideas, does not embed innovation. It’s a mechanism for individuals to throw ideas at a wall and hope they stick. Ideation fails more than it succeeds.

This workshop focuses on techniques to elevate and focus collaborative behaviours to go where ideation doesn’t – a sustainable innovation culture. A culture in which individuals, by default, constantly look for ways to help renew and reinvigorate the organisation so it can flourish in a highly pressured, constantly-evolving operating environment.

Measuring and mastering collaborative behaviours will take your organisation to what we at Innosis call the Innovation Sweet Spot, the point at which these collaborative behaviours naturally evolve into a sustainable innovation culture, independent of tools and technology.

Our focus is on the way people approach their work, their mindset, their understanding of what ‘working socially’ or ‘working out loud’ actually means in a business context.

You will leave the workshop with a folio of Innovation Sweet Spot measures, methods and techniques as well as a solid start to an Innovationoriented Collaboration Strategy for your own organisation.



About your workshop leader:

A Webb -1 Alister is a collaboration specialist with a deep background in internal collaboration systems and culture.

He spent 15 years at Telstra on a journey that took him from early Intranet sites through to the arrival of SharePoint and now the ground-breaking era of the social enterprise. He has been instrumental in many of that organisation’s Intranet and collaboration initiatives. Since leaving Telstra late in 2013 he has been acting as a consultant for Social Edge Consulting, a social collaboration consultancy operating out of the USA with clients in all regions of the globe.

He recently joined forces with Innovation specialist Andrew Pope to form Innosis, a consultancy focused on bringing sustainable innovation to organisations through highly effective collaboration.

Apart from his strategic work, Alister is a Certified Community Manager and understands the hands on aspects of social collaboration.
His focus has always been on moving knowledge rapidly across an organisation and across silos, and how this can enable
organisations to become more innovative. He is passionate about the power of social enterprise and its potential as an organisation game-changer.




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