Ark Group is a leading provider of straight forward business information, arklogodelivered through our range of strategically-focused forums since 2004. We are dedicated to capturing, communicating, and sharing objective experience and research, helping our clients to make a real impact on their organisations and markets.

Our forums are unique in that we provide an intimate environment for participants to learn and make the most out of their attendance. Participants are given plenty of opportunity for in-depth discussion and making real connections with their peers through networking. 

Being fully vendor neutral, there are no sales presentation but rather all presentations are practical and case study based. It is our goal to help professionals and organisations work more intelligently by focusing on cross-disciplinary knowledge sharing and collaboration. Our aim is to provide forums that deliver information, processes, strategies and techniques that are current, so that they can be taken back to your organisation and used immediately, plus prepare and succeed for changes that can be expected for future.

Ark Group Australia prides itself in being the organiser of the largest knowledge management event in the Asia Pacific region, Knowledge Management Australia. This joint congress attracts a large audience each year, and gains enthusiastic support from sponsors and the KM community alike.

We also produce a range of forums in the areas of knowledge management, content management, information management, change, diversity, communication and human resources.